The Diocese of Västerås and Norwegian Church Fund founded in 2005 the venture capital company Global Solidarity Forest Fund, GSFF. The vision was to contribute to the economic development of Niassa Province and at the same time get at least ten percent return. Investments are attracted by, among other things, a Dutch pension fund and a Danish forest fund. Two forestry companies started out one of which is Chikweti. Both internal and external criticism began to be heard in 2006. Workers complain about working conditions, Chikweti accused of acquiring land in a bad way and soon locals begin to destroy plantations. A farmer says that since he got a job at Chikweti he has been able to buy clothes for his children and send them to school. Although he has lost his job at the company since Chikweti reduced the number of employees, he is still quite hopfull that it will soon get better. The company also had problems with the business operations and financial management. The company has went through a period of difficulties, challenges and criticism and in June 2014 GSFF was sold to Norwegian forestry company Green Resources.

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world and half of the population live below the poverty line. About 80 percent of the population are farmers and depended on sustainable farming. The country has a lot of unused land which is very suitable for farming and many foreign companies are trying to take control and make benefit of. This is in the other hand something welcomed by Mozambique as it contributes of development in the country.

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