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Office studio

Me and my friend and colleague Eric Claesson, who’s also a photographer, moved a couple of weeks ago into a new workspace near the KTH Campus area in Stockholm which we are sharing with an architect bureau. This has been long overdue for both of us to have an office space to come to and get more work done and also to get more efficient. Although Eric and I don’t directley work together, its really nice and appreciated to have to inspire and motivate each other at work. Which is probably the best part of having an office. I would really recommend every freelancer to get an office space. Preferably with like minded colleagues to keep up the inspiration and stay motivated. The office is located on Drottning Kristinas Väg 33A. So if you are not too far away, please don’t hesitate to drop by for a coffee and say hi!

Between Tides exhibition at Galleri Kontrast 

Last thursday was the opening of my exhibition “Between Tides” at Galleri Kontrast in Stockholm. A real big thanks to everyone who attend the opening! I really enjoyed speaking to every each of you who showed interest with questions and discussions. The exhibition will be displayed until 28 september. So if you did not make it to the opening, you still have the chance to do so. Here’s a few pictures from the exhibition room.

Protest in Stockholm against the swedish Nazi parti SvP

This weekend, a major protest was held in Stockholm against SvP, a small swedish parti that are known to have xenophobic and Nazi politics. The parti had received permission from the police to march on one of Stockholms biggest streets. People had of curse become very upset on this and more than 10 000 people had gathered to show their dissatisfaction about the whole thing. The manifestation went quite well despite a minor uproar at the end.

Starkare Röst - Project Exhibition 

One of the side walls of my project exhibition Starkare Röst in the city of Gothenburg during Göteborgs Kulturkalas that went on 12 - 17 august. If you where nearby the city hope you had the time and possibility to see it!
Otherwise, the project is planed to be displayed again in Stockholm during Festival För 17 in 6 september. If you are in Stockholm make sure to visit the festival!

You can find out more about the project on FB - and also on - (in swedish).

Slussen subway station in Stockholm

Protest against the Swedish Democrats racist campaign in the subway.

In the midst of friday morning rush hour some about 40 musicians showed up to protest against the Swedish Democrats racist campaign in Stockholm subway stations. Isak Bergström who led and organized the protest said that folk culture is not static but open and changeable. And that music and dance are a part of it.

The protesters had to move on and carry the event outside the platforms due to security hazards among the buzzy rush hour.

The full article (swedish) on ETC.

Between Tides featured on Documentary Photography Review

Really glad and flattered to get the story shared once again.

Documentary Photography Review aims to provide a place for documentary photographers of all levels and means to showcase their work. They also do interviews along with video and audio podcasts talking with interesting photographers and their work.

The projekt Between Tides will be exhibited at Galleri Kontrast in Stockholm this coming fall. Updates coming later on.

Claire Messud

Writer portraiture for an article on ETC.

Claire Messud has been acclaimed in the U.S. as one of her generation’s great writers. In the new novel The woman upstairs, she depicts the suppressed anger and what happens when life does not turn out as you intended.

Claire Messud during her visit in Stockholm to talk about her new novel.

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