Fotograf i Stockholm - CARLOS ZAYA

New publications on ETC

New EU regulations on ecological growth.

Couple of weeks ago I did a reportage about the new EU regulations on ecolagical growers and how that would effect the farmers. The new regulations are going to bring some negative effects on the growing of ecological vegetables according to the farmer Ulf Engström who runs one of Sweden’s biggest eco tomato growth. One of the downsides is the shortened amount of artificial sunlight allowed to be used under the grow season. This is a problem since Sweden doesn’t experience that many sunlight hours during the winter and the artificial sunlight becomes a necessary complement for a successful amount of harvest.

My courageous little friends

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about publishing some sort of a blog. And now its finally on! It will most likely be dealing with whats going on around my work and the stuff around that.

The past few days I’ve had Zanzibar in my mind, specially the little friends I met there. Maybe some day I’ll have the pleasure and opportunity to see them again.

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